Saturday, September 13, 2008

Anyone want to barter?

If you enjoy crocheting and are good at it, and you have always wanted a hand quilted doll quilt, please contact me... I am looking for someone to make this (pattern labeled as advanced beginner):

and this:

This clutch is crocheted using half double crochet, front post triple crochets, single crochet and slip stitches.

The cute little bobble stitches and the cable stitches are explained clearly, accompanied with step by step photos in the pattern. Supposedly it can be made in just a few hours.

In trade, I will make you a hand quilted doll quilt... contact me if you would like to trade and we can hammer out the details.



Leslie said...

oh i wish i could crochet, that neckie is so pretty. it would look great on your long, slender neck, ginger!

Alison Wills said...

I wish I could crochet too, both are so cute! You'll find someone for sure, I can't wait to see the neckie...super cute!!

Raena Johnson said...

I do enjoy crocheting but have never been able to figure out a pattern. It would be fun to try if I could find the time. Crocheting isn't hard though at all, it is the patterns that are. I think if you can quilt you can definately crochet. (Is there a link to the pattern?)

Laura said...

I enjoy crocheting, and I'd love one of your beautiful quilts, but I'd like to look at the patterns before I commit. (Don't want to disappoint if it looks to be over my head, don't you know.) Any chance you have a copy of the pattern you could email or can you tell me the source so I can check it out first? Thanks!

kelly said...

beautiful. have you found anyone yet? that purse is to die for! unfortunately i've never had much patience for crocheting!

Gita P Djausal said...

a very nice pattern. i like it so much.