Monday, September 08, 2008

A Conversation with Emma

Today I received a package in the mail from Habitat for Humanity. Knowing how much Emma would love what was inside, I decided to let her open it and keep the contents.

She was thrilled with the contents, which included address labels, several greeting cards, and literature telling us why it is important to donate to H for H.

Emma asked me who the package was from, and after I told her, she wondered why they had sent it to her. When I explained what H for H is, and that they were requesting a donation, I also asked her if she thought we should give them some money to help someone build a house.

ME: Do you think we should send them some money to help build some houses?
EMMA: No, why would they want a house?
ME: Well, it is nice to have your own home, and not have to live in someone else's house. You can make it how you want it.
EMMA: Well, maybe we could donate, because I want a playhouse!

At the moment, she is writing up one of the greeting cards and address labels to send back to H for H as a thank you note for all the fun stuff they sent her!

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Pa said...

cute! thanks for sharing her thoughts!