Sunday, September 14, 2008

A little recap of the past week

I feel like I was a big blogging slacker last week, so I thought I would give all interested parties (namely their dad, who was out of town most of the week) a quick recap of our week:

Sophie and Emma love to paint, but one morning Sophie decided to paint everything except the paper. I especially loved her lips... yum, so kissable!

One afternoon, I was sitting at the island working on ??? (who can remember.) Emma came up to me and said, "Mom, would you like some chicken hearts?"
(What, you haven't been to Tucanos? You need to go!)

Ethan has decided to follow the new craze for the 2nd grade... Bukagon (or something like that!) He decided to sell all his Pokemon cards so that he could afford new stuff. He priced them as if they were new, and combined with the fact that no one stopped at his garage sale table, Mom and Dad decided to take pity on him and buy his cards from him. Emma sold us two of her Barbie dolls too. We had to promptly run to Target to get the new Bukagon (?) cards and figures, but Target was SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I mean, I haven't even heard of this new craze, but someone has, apparently!

The kids are really into Harry Potter right now too. Andrew read all the books last year, and this year he is working his way backwards through them. He started with book 7, and is now on book 2. Ethan also started reading the books, although in the proper order, and is on book 3. Needless to say, we are into all things Harry. Emma has even gotten in on the act after seeing the first HP movie. They have transformed the tinkertoys into magic wands, commandeered the play broom as a Nimbus 2000, and even have 3 different sizes of balls they are using to play Quidditch.

Lots of fun, I can't wait to see what we come up with this week.


Jenny said...

bentley has recently discovered bakugan, too. he's crazy about it. i'll have to tell him ethan likes it. :)

how were the harry potter books for andrew? my kids have seen parts of the movies w/ mindy (she shows them her favorite parts), but i'm hesitant to start bentley on the books. i'm afraid the last 3 or so will be too scary/intense for him if he reads them while he's little. the first books seem like kids books to me, but the later ones were kind of grown up. what did andrew think?

Leslie said...

never heard of that craze, hopefully we never will! your boys are awesome for reading all those HP books. when do they have time? after homework every afternoon, our kids have been too tired to even talk to us. until bedtime that is, then there's always a surge of energy.

Pa said...

sounds like a fun week. amazing and imaginative kids, amazingly cute too.

Barbara said...

Life can never get dull with 4 kiddos to keep you going. They are amazing.
Love and Hugs

Thimbleanna said...

Wait a minute! You live close to me and that restaurant isn't anywhere near us!!! The kids are all so cute -- I'll bet they keep you hopping. Did you get anyone to do your crochet swap yet???

Angela said...

Loved catching up on your Blog today. Your kids are so grown up and what a great looking bunch. How could they not be look at there parents. Hope all is well.