Tuesday, September 02, 2008


(Ethan doing his Napoleon Dynamite imitation... I love this kid!)

A little background: Yesterday we spent the day with some friends on their sailboat. The moms and most of the kids hung out at a park waiting for the dads to sail up to our picnic spot from the boat launch, about 3 miles away. The water in the lake is nothing you would want to swim in, and the spot we were at had a nice overhang on the water with a drop of about 5 feet into the water. This is one mom who didn't want to have to fish anyone out of the lake!

ETHAN (to his friend Jacob): "I can't wait for the dads to come. The moms only want us to do tame stuff!"


Barbara said...

Guess kids think moms are all alike!

The Queen said...

Duh! (To quote Napolean Dynamite.)