Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Weekend Progress

I got a few more half square triangles sewn together and had a small epiphany... Pinwheels!

Faith (her sister) commented last time that she liked the plain half square triangle layout because it showcased the fabrics better. I agreed with her, but I still wasn't happy with the plain layout. Then I was skimming an old quilting magazine and saw a pinwheel quilt, and realized it would keep like fabrics together, while adding an element of whimsy to the quilt. I have about 80 more half square triangles to sew, then I can start ironing these and piecing them into pinwheels.

Remember the contest I publicized to win Heather Bailey fabrics? I won!

I ordered a few more fabrics from Chelsea, and have a couple more smaller cuts of fabric on the way from a different shop. These fabrics are quite bright, which I tend not to work with normally, so it will be a fun challenge to combine them in a quilt. I have a pattern in mind, but want to get the pinwheel top done first.


Leslie said...

wow, that quilt is going to be gorgeous! i love the white and all the colors. that's about as technical as i can get, quilt-wise. look for a quilty giveaway on my blog this week!

and congrats on your fabric win! cool!

Thimbleanna said...

Well, duh -- why didn't I think of pinwheels -- I love pinwheels! Great choice! Love all of your cupcakes from the last post -- yumyum!

Bethany said...

I love the pinwheels, and I love the new fabric, too!

The Queen said...

the new design looks awesome!

faith said...

i love pinwheels. those are look really nice.

Carla said...

Have you thought of a quilting pattern yet? :)