Thursday, November 27, 2008

Give Thanks

I have so many things I am grateful for...

The true and living Gospel of Jesus Christ

My 4 beautiful children, and each of their distinct personalities. Sometimes a joy, sometimes a trial, but always a blessing.

My wonderful husband, who is generous, patient, loving, hard-working, and HOT to top it off. I could not have gotten a more wonderful man as my partner for eternity.

My family... the ones that raised me and that I grew up with. And I will include my husband's family in this too. I am lucky to have 4 great parents and 20 siblings when everyone is totaled up. And we all get along really well for the most part!

My sister Judy is especially on the list. She is my best friend, and shares her talents generously, plus she is really encouraging of the wacky things I attempt.

Wonderful friends. Seriously! The group of women I am friends with here in Indiana is amazing. They are so talented, so fun, and I am grateful that they actually want to hang out with me despite my quirks!

A few less important things:

I'm still in love with my Yukon. I even loved it when gas prices were high, although I admit I am happy they are lower now.

Gas prices of $1.62 a gallon. Yeah, enough said!

The internet. Seriously, it is an addiction, but it makes life so much easier, and connects me to friends and family so easily. I better add my laptop to this too.

My pastry cutter. Elliott bought a really nice one on Amazon about 6 months ago, and I love it!

Size tall shirts and sweaters from Gap and Old Navy. I have a long torso, so most shirts and sweaters aren't long enough on me. These keep me from being a plumber, hahaha.

The public library.


Mascara, blush, and lip gloss.

My sewing machine (Janome 6600P). It is a great machine, even though it is being neglected (again!)

Our camera (the kids are growing, but at least I have memories!)

Pumpkin Pie (It is hard to sit here and smell it, but not cut a piece from one I made last night!)



The Queen said...

Aww, thanks! Love ya!

Laura said...

Lovely list. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!