Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Princess Emma!

Emma turned 5 today. We had cake with the now-traditional sparkler candle. I am officially all caked out, since we also had cupcakes twice to celebrate--- last Saturday at her party with friends, and on Wednesday she took cupcakes in to her school. This is chocolate though, so I might need a little for my breakfast tomorrow... And guess what? Emma will have another birthday in 365 days (but who besides her is counting?)

For her birthday Emma received an American Girl doll (Kirsten... she's Swedish you know, and we are all about getting back to our roots!), clothing for said doll, the Barbie Christmas Carol DVD, and Elliott took us all (yes, even Sophie, and she did great!) to see a production of Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol. We went out to dinner afterwards, and it was a fun day!

Our tree is decorated, the inside of the house is decked out with nativities, and tomorrow we are all going to help Elliott put up the outside lights. Christmas season is in full swing around here!

Have a great weekend!
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Barbara said...

Happy Birthday to Emma. The cake looks so beautiful in the picture with the sparkler candle. Today I put up our tree and decked out the house. Don't think we will have outside lights though. Can't convince the men that live here that they would really be pretty.
Oh well.
Can't find my nativity scene and so will go up in the attic tomorrow and look some more. I know it is there but where!!!!!

Jenny said...

happy birthday emma! (i have the kirsten doll, too!) :)

it sounds like you all had a great day.

Lyle said...

YAY!! Happy Birthday Emma!

The Queen said...

Happy birthday Emma!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Emma! I love the sparkler on the cake tradition!