Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You don't have to push a handcart... be a pioneer.

Yes, the past two weeks have seen me putting my pioneer heritage to the test... would I have survived? Stay tuned to find out. In the mean time, here is what I attempted:

Sourdough Starter
My advice: use a larger jar! I have since moved my starter into a half gallon mason jar and it fits very comfortably! We haven't actually made a loaf of bread from the starter yet... hopefully tomorrow!

Raised Bed Gardening
This is prior to adding the topsoil/compost. Elliott's grandma commented on his blog that they didn't need hay in their beds. The hay helps the soil retain it's moisture (but still allows for drainage, unlike a plastic liner), thereby needing to be watered less. I'm pretty sure you need that more in California than we do here. :-)

We all know I am way into quilting... the big news is that I have actually started a new quilt. I haven't had time to devote to quilting lately, but two days ago I decided Sophie's nap time is my new quilting time. Emma gets to watch a movie (horrors, I know, but she needs a bit of down time in the afternoon, and won't take a nap, so this is win-win for both of us!)

These are some fabrics I bought when my parents were here... I am making the top just so I can use the backing fabric. I love it... I'll have to post a pic of it later. The block is called Bento Box, but I am using a pattern from a book dedicated to scrap quilts. This block is HUGE... each quarter of the block is 12 inches, and the blocks go together really quickly. I can make about 2 quarters of a block in 1/2 hour (that includes cutting the fabric)... I am sure if I chose to chain piece the process would go even faster. But I am enjoying seeing the blocks come together one by one.

Have a great day!


The Queen said...

The blocks and the beds look great! The starter... lol. You are awesome!

Thimbleanna said...

Hmmm, the sourdough incident might have disqualified you from survival. After all, their counter tops weren't the clean, shiny, hygenic things we have today LOL. Sometimes you just have to ditch chain piecing and enjoy the process don't you? Good for you!

Laura said...

Wow, I'm impressed! I love the blocks and can't wait to see the inspirational backing fabric. And the beds (jealous--we'll be leaving our next year probably :( ) and the sourdough starter. Can I be a fly on the wall at your house and soak up some of your energy? :)

Jenny said...

wow! you've been busy. can't wait to see how the quilt turns out. i finally got back to work on my teaher's quilt. i really need to get it finished so i can start on the baby's quilt . . . .

Carla said...

At least you know the starter is active! I like that quilt top. Once it's all together it will be a great quilt.