Friday, January 16, 2009

A conversation

Last night the kids and I were watching The Princess Diaries. It was one of the rare occasions when we aren't watching something on the DVR, so we actually had to sit through commercials. It was brutal! :-)

A commercial for David's Bridal came on, and the commercial was proclaiming how dresses that were normally between $300 and $500 would be on sale for $99.

Andrew: It's just a wedding dress. It shouldn't be $300!

Ethan:Yeah, it should only be $20!


stephanie said...


Laura said...

Oh man, we just got a DVR a few weeks ago, and within days I was irritated with not being able to fast forward through commercials in live TV!

Barbara said...

Commercials are so annoying when you are watching a movie! Don't do it often because of that.

The Queen said...

haha, that ethan. i like the new background!

Lyle said...

hello courthouse wedding!