Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Day

My day so far has been nice and boring... I've been quilting the bento box quilt... I will never quilt a twin size quilt on my home machine, that is for sure! Not worth the trouble, especially when my mother has a long arm (Babe, if you want to know what to get me for Christmas...) and will quilt all my quilts for me for free!

I just finished a piece of homemade multi-grain bread (have I mentioned I bought Elliott a bread make for Christmas, and it was the best gift ever??) with camembert on it. So delicious. I probably won't need dinner tonight, as I think another piece is in order. Maybe just a supplemental salad with avocado. The grocery store has had delicious avocados lately... go figure. I can't rememer where they are being flown in from, but they are so good! Hmmm, maybe I should have avocado on the bread. Yum!

The boys came home from school not too long ago. Andrew's jacket was stolen today, but luckily he has a super-padded sweatshirt which is pretty cozy and should hold him for the remainder of the cold days through Spring.

I leave you with a question from Ethan: "Mom, are Mexican's poor, or do they have TV's?"

PS... I went with zig zags. Thanks for all your input!


Lyle said...

Poor Andrew, I hate being stolen from. It's very depressing.

Laura said...

If having a TV were a true measure of wealth, wouldn't the world be better off? Sigh.

Avocado. Mmm. We have two in the fruit bowl right now, and I have a sudden craving to use them. :-)

Elizabeth said...

Aw that stinks about Andrew's jacket. What a bummer.

Tell Ethan that I have it on very good authority that not only are Mexicans poor, they also have nice Tvs.

Pa said...

sounds like a good day - and i am missing the bread from your bread machine! lauren

Jenny said...

i hope you've had a few more nice days since you posted this. :)
sorry about andrew's coat. bentley "lost" his hooded sweatshirt sometime last fall. i keep hoping it will turn up at school, but i'm pretty sure it won't.