Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break Review

We had Spring Break this past week and I can honestly say I was sad to see all the kids go back to school this morning. We had a lot of fun together playing, and slacking off (I have 7 loads of laundry to fold today, and mounds more to wash!), but I guess sooner or later all good things must come to an end!

We started off our break with a trip to Chicago. I love that city! No pictures, but we stayed at a hotel with an indoor water park, which was really fun for the kids, and then we spent a day at the Field Museum with my good friend Lori and her family. We hadn't seen each other since she was pregnant with her Kate, and I was pregnant with Emma. Time flies. But we had a great time!

After we got home, we spent several days learning new card games and relaxing. Sophie decided this week that since she was too young to play many of the games, she was going to learn to use the toilet. Pretty much toilet trained herself on her own (after my aborted attempt of a month ago).

(isn't her diaperless bum cute??)

On Thursday, we took advantage of beautiful weather with a trip to the Indianapolis Zoo. The animals were out and about due to the great weather also, in fact Ethan almost got eaten by a giant Boa!

Saturday morning we went to a local Farmer's Market. We bought a dozen eggs, including this gorgeous green one! No need to dye Easter Eggs weird colors when the chickens do it for you, right?

We also got to watch my jalapenos grow... These had just started sprouting when the week started. I can't wait until it's warm enough to plant more veggies outside.

We saved our Easter Egg hunt for Sunday after church, when we knew it would be warmer.

(It wasn't really warm enough for flip flops though...)

I hope you all had a joyous Easter. I am so grateful for the Savior and willingness to suffer for my sins.

Have a wonderful week!


stephanie said...

what a nice ending to a what sounds like a really great spring break.

i love sophie's bum. and emma's dress.

Marie' said...

I am with you on spring break. While all my friends talk about how glad they are to have their kids go back to school, I miss them and wish they could be home with me everyday. I love Chicago. We lived in Evanston one summer, and made our way out a couple times to Chicago.

Carla said...

One summer many, many years ago, we had the most terrific time together. Just you kids and me. We played Monopoly games that took three days to finish, baked lots of cookies and other goodies, worked on jigsaw puzzles until we oculdn't see straight, and played all sorts of games. Plus we played music really loudly in the house.
So much fun!

Jenny said...

what a wonderful spring break.

and way to go sophie!