Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tagged (kind of!)

Heather, of Anka's Treasures (who has fabulous patterns, by the way... I have one of her quilts in the works for the girls' bedroom!) agreed to send a copy of her latest book to the first five people to agree to be tagged from her blog. I was number two, so I get to think up 6 more random facts about myself.

1 - I was on swim team in high school. I'm not really sure why I signed up for swimming, beyond the fact that I did not want to be in regular PE, and that I enjoyed swimming. It was a great experience, even though I was slooooooooooow. But hey, someone has to lose the races, right? I didn't mind for the most part, and I was in super shape!

2 - I play the string bass. Or I should say, played. I haven't played since we have lived in Indiana. I started in elementary school playing the violin, but could never get the hang of how to vibrato. I switched to bass in junior high, and was happy about the decision. It is a fun instrument to play. I have had lots of great opportunities because of the bass, including going to Germany and Austria for a big music festival that a youth symphony I was in was invited to. I didn't play in college, but after being married for a few years, I had the opportunity to be in a little duo. We called ourselves the Mar Vista chicks, and she sang and played guitar while I sang and played bass. It was fun, we had a few gigs, and I love watching the video of our main performance!

3 - We have way too much stuff in our house, but I have trouble getting rid of things that I might need. My main issue is all the fabric. I have tons that is not my style any more. But it pains me to get rid of it as it represents a lot of money! Luckily, I am not as in to buying fabric as I used to be. The other thing we have way to much of is toys, but no one (read: kids) believes me, and so they don't want to get rid of anything. Sigh... I guess they take after me a bit.

4 - I really like playing board games. It is something we grew up doing, and I still love it! I think it is really fun that the older Andrew gets the more fun games he can play with me. In fact, sometimes he wanders around begging to play games. I've had to hone my chess skills to keep up with him, although he still pretty much slaughters me every time we play!

5 - I was really scared to learn how to drive, so I didn't get my learners permit until I was nearly 16, and then I didn't actually get my license until about 6 months later. I remember the day. I took the driver test in the morning, and then went and took an AP history class in the afternoon. And I was wearing a peach sweatshirt I had painted with puffy paints at Girls' Camp. haha I guess I also just admitted to no fashion sense!

6 - I have a hard time trying new things. Whether it's food, crafts, or an activity, I usually put off learning or trying something new until I have thought about it for a looooong time. But once I try new things, I usually like them, and wish I hadn't waited so long! My current want-to-learn? Woodworking.

What are your six random facts?


Thimbleanna said...

Ahh, woodworking would be fun. And save your fabric. It will soon be vintage and maybe you'll like it. I had some Christmas prints from 25 years ago that I really didn't like and one day I started seeing them on blogs (of pretty hip chicks I might add) and they raved about how they loved them and they were "vintage". Now I love them again too LOL!

joojierose said...

there was a man performing in the subway cars yesterday on a string bass! imagine it, carrying this huge instrument through incredibly crowded trains! it was awesome. i gave him a dollar because it was so impressive :)

Jenny said...

i played the viola - and never did manage to learn vibrato. :( or to tune my own instrument for that matter. orchestra was pretty fun, though - i made a lot of really good friends in that class. :)