Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rabbit stew, anyone?

Seriously, where's my bb gun???

All this beautiful lettuce being eaten by rabbits! I wouldn't mind if they had eaten the little piddly heads, but they had to go for the big beautiful ones! Hopefully we'll get some lettuce in a week or so. We have a few tricks up our sleeves to stop the rabbits. If nothing else, I know how to build a cage to put over the top of my raised beds, I'd just rather not have to build those right now.

We had a fun past couple of weeks. Elliott's parents and my parents and sister were here for Ethan's baptism a week ago. We had lots of fun, and were sad when everyone left.

We had to find something to fill our time with, so I've been gardening, cleaning, and doing hair. Emma has a super sensitive scalp, so she doesn't let me do much with her hair, but Sophie loves to look like a princess. I never realized how many hair blogs there are out there, but lucky for me there are plenty of fun ideas, and Sophie is always game for a new 'do!

Elliott and I also hosted our 2nd annual chocolate party this past weekend. So fun! I highly recommend hosting one yourself. Each couple brings their favorite chocolate dessert, and everyone samples away (until they are sick--- seriously, you only need a bite of each!), and then each guest votes for their top 3 favorites. We awarded major prizes (chocolate cook book for first, world's best bittersweet chocolate sauce for two runner-ups), and had lots of fun!

These little black cakes on the bottom right were the grand prize winner- Boston Creme Pies by Jahnelle. Second place went to Leilani for her chocolate cream puffs, and third place was White Hot, Hot Chocolate from Matt. It's hot chocolate with cayanne in it!

(Don't I look like I'm having fun stuffing my face??)

Today Sophie and I planted 6 pepper plants (two each of green bell, red bell, and jalapeno), and two Roma tomato plants.

The Square Foot Gardening method recommends lying the tomato plants on their sides in the soil to establish a better root system. Hopefully I'm not killing my plants by following that advice!

Emma also helped us plant a pot of rosemary and a huge pot of basil. I love basil! I can't wait for homemade pesto. So yummy! Tomorrow I have 12 (!) more tomato plants coming, and later this week I'm planning to finish building two more raised beds for squash and pumpkins. Maybe I'll keep the lettuce in past it's prime in the hopes the rabbits will eat that and leave my other plants alone!

The boys are home, and I'm off to beat Andrew at UNO. Have a great day!


Carla said...

yikes!! Rabbits *adore* tomato plants. Methinks you need to put a cage over every bed pronto.
You've done a great job with the garden; I'm so impressed.
Are you turning into your mother?

stephanie said...

several things:

sophie's hair looks fantastic. i wish mabel was into hair.

i would have loved to be at your chocolate party. it looks delicious.

the new paint in your kitchen is pretty.

you look super skinny stuffing your face. :) i like your hair. and your shirt.

when we planted our tomatoes, we buried half the plant in the ground. i thought that was weird, but they are doing really well. so who knows.

i wish we lived near each other.

Lyle said...

That chocolate party sounds like fun!

Elizabeth said...

That chocolate party looks like a blast. I'll have to host one of those this summer!
And I am so jealous of your garden, rabbits and all. Man. I can't wait to have my own garden!!!!

MIMI n' LINCOLN RULE!! said...

sounds like you had a lot of fun in the last couple of weeks. congrats to ethan for getting baptized. the chocolate party sounds yummy. your garden is looking great and let me know how the tomatoes do. i'm interested to know if it'll grow better planted on their sides.

Pa said...

love the picture of 'ophie gardening!

Angela said...

Ginger look at you go with the adorable hair. Your talents are endless.
Love the Garden, the darn rabbit. Hope he stays away.
Choclate party too fun. What a great idea.
So fun seeing a pictre of you, you look fabulous.
lotsa love to you and your fam.