Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm covered in flour!

I think I mentioned before that Elliott received a bread machine for Christmas, and we have put it to good use! Lately, our goal has been to make all the baked goods we eat. We have lots of amazing sandwich and french-style bread recipes, but we were lacking two other staples in our house:

pita bread

hamburger/hot dog buns.

I'm happy to say homemade is really easy to make and SO YUMMY! Yes, I'm shouting at you. Truly, you haven't lived if you have only ever had store bought pita bread. These homemade pitas are light and airy, and a perfect pocket for one of our favorite meals, chicken sandwiches with Lebanese garlic sauce.

And for mom:
the vegetable garden, in all it's glory
(yes, those tomato plants are actually growing!)

Who knew I would actually be able to grow tomatoes. And my lettuce is out of control. One of those things you don't need to plant as much as you actually think. If you are reading this and you live nearby, please come get some!
The black containers in the lower left corner are potatoes. They have sprouted, and I'm eager to see how many we will get. I am expecting about 10 pounds yield from each bin, but we will see.

(And do you love our new fence??? No privacy, but it looks SO much nicer than the old one!)


Jenny said...

John asks: Why did you get a new fence? It looks nice, but must have been pricey.

Carla said...

WOW! Your backyard looks awesome.. I'm really impressed. And the bread looks wonderful.
I'll need to get your PITA bread recipe.

The Queen said...

No more nude sunbathing.

The yard does look fabulous, and it's nice that you can see all of the greenery beyond it now. I'm jealous of all your vegetables.

Elizabeth said...

That fence does look good!

Jenny said...

the fence looks great, but the food is making me hungry. yum.

MIMI n' LINCOLN RULE!! said...

pita bread sounds so good right now... yum...

Thimbleanna said...

Your backyard is beautiful Ginger! When should I send my DIL over for lettuce LOL??? (And btw, I'm VERY impressed that you're making hamburger buns -- you're awesome!)

Christina Bond said...

Your making me want a bread maker...yummy.

So I heard you have a post on how to hem jeans so that you don't loose the stitched bottom, but I can't seem find it. Can you give me a hint or something? And can you send your sister back... I sure do miss having her around. Thanks.