Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Harvest Has Begun

The first squash off the vines.

What the beds are looking like at the moment.

Closeup of the beautiful squash plants. One of these days I'm going to harvest a bunch of blossoms to fill with ricotta and fry. They are so good!

Today we also got our first tomato. Just a little cherry tomato variety, and there was only one ripe. It has been pretty cool here, which seems to be keeping the tomatoes from ripening, but today I noticed several more ripening, and I'm looking forward to a week of home grown bruschetta.

(Emma might be just a little excited about starting kindergarten soon, so she wears her backpack every where!)


Pa said...

oooohh nice! hope you aren't missing too much of the harvest while we are in Alaska!

stephanie said...

it looks so lush, ginger. really beautiful.

joojierose said...

i'm very jealous of your garden. for real. right next to our apartment building we have a community garden and my roommates planted tomatoes, squash, and peas... but space is super limited. yours is gorgeous! ah, nothing like fresh fresh produce. it's the best.

Laura said...

This makes me miss my garden even more. So happy yours is thriving!

Carla said...

What a beautiful photograph. No wonder you took down your fence. ha
Your plants are so lush and green; mine are about played out already.

Good job!

Barbara said...

Beautiful Garden!!!