Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Help, please

How cute are these shoes?!? Unfortunately, I have no idea what brand they are, and this is the best picture I can give you. They are cream colored, with navy blue stripes and trim, and then the heel and the trim at the toe is more of a khaki. If you know what shoe they are please write it in the comments! Thanks for your help!
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Alison Wills said...

They look like KSwiss...I went on the website but couldn't seem to find any in the colors you described...but I'm pretty sure that the 5 stripes is kswiss, as adidas are 3 stripes. Perhaps they are a knock-off?? Cute shoes though...I found them in blue and red...those were pretty cool. Good luck! ; )


Jenny said...

hope you can find them . . .