Friday, January 22, 2010

My little angel

I had big plans to make all the children new pajamas to open on Christmas Eve, but didn't quite get to Emma's nightgown. Sophie's did get made though, and I think she looks like a little Victorian doll, especially with these sock curlers in her hair. I've seen the idea a few places now, and decided to try it in the girls' hair. Works like a dream. The sock curlers make the curls wide enough and low enough on the girls hair that they don't look like Shirley Temple on crack!
The nightgown pattern is Simplicity 3586. It was pretty easy if you have basic sewing and pattern reading experience.
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stephanie said...

she's a doll.

Cleo said...

I use those sock curlers too, convenient since I'm terrible at curling my hair with an iron.

I love that ruffle at the end of her nightgown.

Jessi said...

so, so cute!!!! that's a picture that would be hard to date. could have been from long, long ago. love it.

Jenny said...

love the nightgown, and sophie is adorable.