Saturday, February 20, 2010

Another project bites the dust

Finishing a big project is always fun, especially when the project is a quilt for Sophie's bed.

Emma has a matching quilt which I am in the process of binding.  The quilt is from a pattern by Heather M. Peterson, the Kaleidoscope quilt in this book.  Super easy and fun to put together.  I have several of Heather's books, and really like them all.  She has very clear directions and a great sense of design. Check out her website for lots of great quilt inspiration.
Eventually the room will be painted a super pale pink to complement the quilts a little more, but until the summer, the bubblegum pink will have to stay.


The Queen said...

I love that! I totally want to make one for Emily now. Good luck with that, though, huh?

stephanie said...

that quilt is so pretty. their room is going to be darling!

Sally DeFord said...


Jenny said...

can ruby sleep in their room? she really wants a "girl room." not going to happen at our house any time soon.

the quilt looks great.

Liz said...

It turned out so cute and I love the matching owl. I was trying to see what buttons you used for the owls eyes but couldn't see them clear enough.