Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feelin' the Love

You may have noticed (although not cared) that I have been pretty slacker-ish (that's totally a word!) when it comes to updating this blog.  But let's face it, I like to keep things positive, and I'm sure you don't want to hear about me with my head stuck in a toilet bowl half the day.  On the sunny side, I spend less time doing that, than I did when I was pregnant with Sophie (well, except for this past Friday!)  It makes me think we are having a boy.
That said, today is a beautiful sunny day, and I have decided to be a better blogger.  My original intention  with this pregnancy, which may very well be my last (I've learned to never say never) was to document it, and remember the good, the bad, and the ugly.  So far, I've only managed to take weekly pictures of the belly, which was part of my goal.  Want to see them?  They are SUPER CUTE!!  haha

 (8 weeks, 10 weeks, 13 weeks)  
(Please ignore the faces I'm making...  I can't help it!)

As today is St. Valentine's Day, (a day which I have mixed feelings about, but that is a whole separate post), I am posting a list of things I love.  Because when your backyard looks like this:

(Snow, minus 3 inches that melted before I took this picture.  You could barely see the tops of my vegetable boxes.
It really makes me claustrophobic!  You're welcome, Mom.)

you need to remember the things you love!

In no particular order:

the sun
the Son
the Father
fresh salsa
salsa gardens
my sewing machine
hymns, esp.  Abide With Me
and also Be Still My Soul
Andrew, Ethan, Emma, and Sophie
the little Swedish Meatball inside me
regular Swedish meatballs
girl flicks made by BBC
good friends, of which I am blessed with many
board games
cheese quesadillas
frozen pecans
my washer and dryer
spring flowers
fresh tomatoes
the public library
ipod playlists
my siblings
my parents
my inlaws (I got lucky here, they are all wonderful!)
my computer
GAP maternity clothes
the Olympics
daddy/daughter dates
dates (the edible kind)
video cameras
magic tricks (when performed by 3 yr. olds)
warm and cozy quilts
twirly skirts
piano lessons
the scriptures
Stake Conference
General Conference
my brain
soaking in a warm tub
my calling at church
the Temple
glasses (I'm pretty blind!)
refrigerated melted chocolate cake
inspiring blogs
Ghiradelli caramel filled chocolates

and last but not least:
My wonderful husband Elliott

(Choosing a recipe to try from his new Ad Hoc at Home cookbook)

If you knew how much he was taking care of the children and I while I am sick, you would be amazed.  He has been wonderful, and everyday I am so grateful for him.  He is the biggest blessing in my life.

What do you love?

(edited to add the picture of the backyard... doh!)


Lyle said...

Hmm, well, let's have a post about what you really think about Valentine's.

Carla said...

I've noticed that you've been slacking... and have missed your posts.
I love the gorgeous view. The snow is beautiful. How you found a home there yet for us?
Elliott is amazing, we agree.

The Queen said...

Yay, a post! You are cute!

Jenny said...

i'm sorry you're so sick!
it's fun to see photos from your pregnancy. being pregnant always seems more fun when i'm not pregnant. so glad elliott is able to help out.

ruby is excited for sophie to be a big sister. :)