Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Buddy

The great thing about having a 3 year old at home is that she is a lot of fun, and really helpful. Yesterday she went into the pantry, got her apron, pulled up a stool, and started helping me cook dinner (yes, I made it yesterday!)

This morning she was playing with one of her dolls (which she has named Jesus), and a couple of stuffed animals.
"Mom, I know what we can name the baby" she said, referring to our Swedish meatball.
"What?" I asked.

oh dear.
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stephanie said...

ha! look at that sweet little face. :)

Elizabeth said...

Bahahaha. That's funny.

Carla said...

You're so lucky to have Sophie!
Hopefully she'll change her choice of names soon.

Twenty Somethin' said...

Has a nice ring to it

dawnkristine said...

Oh my! My 4 year old has been blessing us with her quirky statements lately also. So fun at this age!

dawnkristine said... 4yr old's name is Sophie also.

Liz said...

Satan, hmmm that would not be a good name. I love that picture and her big smile, so cute.