Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cleo's Big Surprise

Here's the background: Last Fall, my mother was telling me how she really wanted to make my youngest sister Cleo a quilt for college, but with the holidays coming up, and as busy as she was with her long arm quilting business, she wasn't going to be able to find the time. The wonderful, sweet, loving daughter and sister that I am, I agreed to make it... as long as the pattern was super easy. After all, I knew that I, too, had the holidays coming up, and I was hoping for a little meatball to be in the oven before long, when I knew I would get super sick, so I knew it had to be something I could get done quickly!

Mother was extremely grateful, agreed the pattern could be of my choosing, and asked what pattern I thought I wanted to make. I had her find out from Cleo what fabrics Cleo wanted first (she chose Mary Engelbreit's Attitude Girls line) , and then I designed a 4-patch with sashing that I thought would show off the fabrics well.

The fabrics Cleo wanted were pre-order... they were due to come out in October. That was fine, I thought. I'll have plenty of time to get the quilt made, and we could take it with us when we went out West for the holidays. Well, October came and went, and the fabric still hadn't been released. Then November, for sure it would come out in November. Nope... November came and went, and still no fabric. I was starting to get nervous because I had lots to do before we left for California, and was rather dismayed when the fabric arrived 4 days before we were supposed to leave. I could have finished the quilt, but then I couldn't have done any of the other things that needed doing, and I value my sanity too much, so I decided to wait until we got back from our trip.

Of course, then I found out I was pregnant, and by the time we got back, I was sick, so the quilt fabrics sat in the corner (literally) gathering dust.

Finally, about 2 weeks ago, I saw the fabrics again, and decided it was now or never, as I was finally feeling pretty good. I finished Cleo's quilt top on Tuesday, and I am happy with how it turned out.

Unfortunately, these are the best pictures you are going to get, because on Tuesday, I started getting sick again. Not nauseous, but I have been having weird stomach pains and the throw-ups, and pretty much haven't been good for much, including taking stunning shots of the quilt. Oh, the joys of pregnancy.

So Cleo: Surprise! Here's your quilt top! Hopefully the quilt will make it safely to California (never know with the USPS), and once it is quilted and bound, I will have more and better pictures to show!

Have a great weekend!

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Barbara said...

Ginger it is beautiful. Love the bright colors and the prints. Know she will cherish it because it is from you and her mom will do the quilting. Great job!

Thimbleanna said...

What a wonderful sister you are -- it looks great Ginger!!!

Carla said...

Your piecing is wonderful... I love the fabrics in that easy pattern. They really stand out. It will be really fun to quilt!
Thanks, you are a wonderful, sweet loving daughter. :)

Jessi said...

oh my. I LOVE it! Your sister is very, very lucky.

Cleo said...

Thanks so much Ginger! I love it!

(and that was nice of Ethan to let you get him in the picture while he was modeling it, haha)

Liz said...

Looks nice. Hope you are feeling better.