Monday, April 05, 2010


Sophie and Emma were discussing who Sophie could marry.  After Sophie ran through a litany of ideas, (including a hippopotamus,) Emma finally decided to make it clear:

Emma:  It has to be a boy, but you have to kiss him when you are getting married.

Sophie:  Yuck!

I know...  revolting to have to kiss a boy.  Haha.  Can we keep them this age forever please!


Carla said...

Everyone needs a big sister to explain the ropes.

Jenny said...

I wonder if Ruby has thought about the kissing part. She's really focused on going to the temple to get married, but she thinks hugging is gross. This IS a good age. :)

juliane2004 said...

Just wanted to say hi! I'm LDS too, and found your blog through anothers.