Thursday, April 29, 2010


This past Monday, for Family Home Evening, we decided to work on Andrew's Webelos Cub Scout badge and have a discussion about budgeting and family finances.

Me (after an explanation of what a mortgage is):  Who knows how much we pay every month for our mortgage?
Emma:  $50
Andrew: $20-$60
Ethan: $300
Andrew:  Yeah, oh, I think it's $300 to $600
Sophie: 8 minutes

Me:  How much do you think we spend on groceries every month?
Andrew: $30 to $100
Emma: $20
Ethan: $5000
Sophie: 6 minutes


We had a good (eye-popping and jaw-dropping, at least on the kids' part) discussion about finances.


Carla said...

I can remember attempting this with you kids. It was like trying to understand the US debt. Y'all had a hard time wrapping your brain around the figures.

Barbara said...

Kids really have a hard time comprehending but it is good to help them to understand. Those answers were toooo funny!