Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To Do List

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Baby is due in 4 months, and I have a list of 7 things I MUST get sewn before then:

1 - car seat canopy
2 - changing pad and diaper/wipes clutch
3 - pioneer dresses and aprons for the girls
4 - quilt top I agreed to sew for mom (more on that coming soon, I hope!)
5 - quilt for our little swedish meatball
6 - pants and shirt set for above mentioned dude
7 - hospital gown (I hate the ones they give you to use!)

I had two more items; one is all the way crossed off, the other is mostly crossed off but requires a trip to Joann.  Those are both top secret... I'll have reports on them soon though!  Originally I also had a diaper bag on the list, but I found one on Etsy I love.  By the time I added up my time and materials costs, I realized it was going to be easier to just buy the one I found.

What are YOU working on at the moment?


Thimbleanna said...

I LOVE that button! You better get busy -- sounds like lots of fun sewing at your house. I'm working on the yoyo quilt. Sort of. ;-)

Jessi said...

That's a lot! I'm excited to see all your finished products.

I need to sew the binding on a quilt I'm making for my husband's office assistant. She is in labor at this very moment, so I better get busy.

Elizabeth said...

Wow, that sounds exhausting. I am working on buying a house. Way easier than sewing!!!!!!

Recursively said...

At the moment I am working on writing a Heapsort computer program and not sending hate-mail to my nay-saying professor.

Lyle said...

I'm working on my swingin' internet-dating life.

Pa said...

Wow - they will let you wear your own hospital gown? also, please let me know which diaper bag you liked on etsy! lauren

Jenny said...

I'm teaching Joy School for the next three weeks. When I get extra time I'm hoping to make another of Stephanie's onesie dresses, and some burp cloths for babies in our neighborhood. Can't wait to see your finished projects. Hope you'll share.