Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

I'd like to recognize 3 amazing men this beautiful Sunday morning:

My dad, who has always been supportive of me, and a great example to me. I have many fond memories of fun adventures we took together when I was a child, and I love hanging out with him now just as much!

My husband, who I am so lucky to have as the father of my children (but that's a story for another blog post.)

And my father-in-law, who is also a wonderful man and father.

I am constantly thanking the Lord that I am blessed to have such wonderful men in my life.

Love you all!
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Once upon a time...

there was this really cute boy who was attending university.  He caught the eye of a girl who lived across the hall from him, and so she flirted a bit until he noticed her too.  They went out a few times, and the girl was madly in love, but for some reason she didn't do a great job of showing it, so the boy stopped asking her out.  Luckily one of the girl's roomates decided to go junior high on both of them, and told the boy's roomate that the girl was really sad he wasn't asking her out anymore.  That remedied the situation, and after dating for a little while longer, they were married.

(super cute boy)

After they had been married for a little while, they decided that although life was pretty exciting, they could make it more exciting by having a baby.
They were right.  Life with one more was more exciting.  And if life with one more was exciting, how would a second one be?
That's right...  even better!

Of course, the boy needed a little girl to wrap him around her finger, so they had one of those down the road.

But one wasn't quite enough... the boy, who had become quite the daddy, needed another little girl.  After a couple of years, she made her appearance:

The daddy had all kinds of skills.  He taught his children to surf and snowboard, he made lots of super yummy meals and desserts for them, he taught them how to read, and played sleeping monster and other fun games with them.  It turns out he even had amazing make-up skills, ensuring every Halloween they would have awesome costumes!

But something was missing...  After all, if it was this fun to try and get 6 people to smile at the camera,

how much more fun would it be to get 7 people to look at the camera???

So the boy and the girl decided to have another little one join their family.
This was no small decision, as the girl got very sick the first few month of her pregnancies.  Luckily, the boy loved his family so much he became daddy AND mommy for a while, while the girl moaned about smells from the floor of the bathroom.

Pretty soon the girl started feeling better, and the family eagerly awaited the birth of their next little guy.  This story isn't over yet, but the girl is so grateful that the boy decided to take a chance on her.  She wouldn't want a life any other way.  She wouldn't have believed it was possible, but she is more madly in love with that boy than the day they were married.  She is so happy he is the father of her children, and her eternal companion.

To be continued...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

31 Weeks

9 weeks until Henry is due to join us.  I'm not holding my breath that he will come early, or even on time, but in the mean time we are enjoying a leisurely summer.
Here I am in all my 3rd trimester glory:

I've had a bit of weight gain and swelling recently...

But probably nothing to worry about.

The great thing is, the family has been having sympathy weight gain and swelling too:

(Click to enlarge)
 It's so nice to know I have their support and love while being pregnant.

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Sunday, June 06, 2010


Andrew: Mom, have you ever seen a cockroach in our house, besides the one we had as a pet?

Me: No, we don't have cockroaches in our house.

Andrew:  Yes we do!

Me: No, we don't!

Andrew:  Mom, cockroaches are everywhere, we have them.

Me:  Andrew, you aren't telling people we have cockroaches in our house are you?

Andrew (after a moment of hesitation):  No.

Me:  Because you usually get them when your house is a health hazard, and I don't want people thinking our house is a health hazard.

Andrew: But mom, cockroaches are everywhere.

Me:  sigh...