Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I'm a firm believer in holding my babies as much as possible.  But with five children and a busy household, I need my hands available to get work done, so I'm really grateful for the abundance of babywearing options on the market today.
Henry seems to like being worn too...  He usually falls asleep pretty quickly after being put on, in fact, sometimes, if he is having trouble falling asleep, I put him in the sling and he is out within five minutes.

I really love my Sakura Bloom ring sling.  I've used pouch type slings before, but they never really fit very well.  I love my ring sling because it is adjustable, so it fits perfectly!
Babywearing with the proper sling or wrap really does allow you to accomplish a lot while still being able to hold your baby.  I do laundry, make dinner, bake, sweep, vacuum, and many other household tasks.
(the sling in action at the park recently)
I also really love my Lovey Dud.  This is a stretchy wrap, so it will only work while Henry is still pretty little.  But it keeps him secure and snug right next to me.  It will be especially nice in the winter, when I want to wear him under my coat with me.
Of course,it's always great when the kids can hold Henry for me too.  Sophie and Emma especially like to hold him while he's sleeping.  They settle onto the couch with a favorite book or two, and can read and hold him for an hour or more.  This is so helpful for me!

(Unhappy he isn't being held!)

We love our little dude!


Thimbleanna said...

Awwww, he's so cute. And very fortunate to be born into a family with lots of helping hands!

Jenny said...

so glad that you posted more pictures of henry! he is adorable.

I have a sling that I've never really gotten to work for me. I'm glad you've found one that you like. With Ruby, I used mei tei from when she was 6 months old. It was great. I actually used it with Milo last week for the first time. I had to make dinner and he would NOT let me put him down.

joojierose said...

oh i wish i could pitch in and hold him too! and one of the projects i'm doing with the girls here in brasil is to start producing these ring slings - both to sell as an income-generating project, but also for themselves as well to help them bond with their babies. i think they're awesome!

love/miss you guys. so cute that sophie and emma will sit there for hours holding henry! love it.

Kelsey said...

Wow, Sophie already knows how to multi-task. You're such a stylish mama with those fancy slings.

Barbara said...

wish there was somthing like thins when I had my babies. I remember asking a Bullocks dept. store customer service rep if there was anywhere that a sling type carrier could be found and they said "try going to Africa". Is that raciest or what!.
You are sooo blessed and he is so precious.
Love and Hugs

MIMI n' LINCOLN RULE!! said...

i may have to try some of these out so i can feel a bit productive during the day...