Sunday, September 26, 2010

What Sunday afternoons are made for:

Cuddling with Henry

Getting every last drop of the creme Anglaise that Elliott made to go with his flour-less chocolate cake

Trying to get Henry to smile


 Enjoying his chubby thighs

He is so much fun!


Barbara said...

He is not only fun he is adorable!

Jenny said...

That Henry is so handsome. I love seeing pictures of him, and it's fun to see your older kids enjoying him.

stephanie said...

ok, i might want you to move to arizona just so i can partake of elliott's culinary masterpieces. i mean, homemade creme anglaise with flourless chocolate cake!? come on!

also, henry is cute. and i'd like to enjoy his chubby thighs, too.

Kelsey said...

I've had Elliott's flourless chocolate cake, and I'm sure I would have licked the plate as well if we weren't guests in your house. :)

Henry is so stinking cute! Who knew that you'd be providing endless hours of family entertainment by having another baby?

Carla said...

He's certainly filling out! What terrific siblings he has to spend so much time with him.

Elizabeth said...

He is super cute!

Angela said...

He is just simply adorable. The other kids are looking so grown up. What adorableness you two have created. Miss ya