Monday, December 06, 2010

Mint chocolate covered marshmallows

I'm not making any promises, but this week my plan is to post several recipes that say "chocolate" and "winter" all in the same bite!

First up is mint chocolate covered marshmallows.  This recipe is so simple you can probably make it with your eyes closed, and so yummy you won't be able to stop eating them.

The ingredients are 10 regular sized marshmallows, and about 1 cup of the seasonal Nestle dark chocolate and mint chips.  I saw these at Target last week and had to buy a couple of bags to try them out.  I made cookies with them last week which turned out amazing, and couldn't wait to make something more.

Melt the chocolate and mint chips in a microwave safe bowl in 30 second increments, stirring in between, until they are melted and smooth.  It took me about one and a half minutes total.

Line a cookie sheet with a sheet of wax paper.  Using toothpicks, dip the marshmallows into the melted chocolate, covering as much of the marshmallow as possible, but leave room at the top to be able to slide the marshmallow off the toothpick without getting your fingers dirty.  Slide the marshmallow onto the wax paper.

Once the marshmallows are all on the wax paper, use a spoon to cover the top portion of the marshmallow with the chocolate.  You may have a little bit of chocolate left over, and you can simply spoon this onto the wax paper and make little mint chocolate disks. (See them in the picture below.)  Place the cookie sheet into the fridge, and let the candies harden for at least 10 minutes. 

You now have two choices.  You can eat them as is (yum!)  Or you can add them to a cup of steaming cocoa (double yum!!)  I went for the cocoa option.

The other thing you can do, if you really like minty hot chocolate, is take one of those little disks you made with the leftover chocolate, and let it sink into the bottom of your hot cocoa.  It will start to melt, as you see below, and makes for the most delicious, rich cocoa you can imagine.

We had a bit of sugar overload tonight for our family night.  We had a lesson about Christmas, and then enjoyed the cocoa and marshmallows, along with some gingerbread men that Elliott made for us.

Emma and Sophie's:

He had to save some of it for tomorrow.  :-)


stephanie said...

YUM! k, seriously, when are you bringing your treat-making ways to arizona? we need you by us.

i bought those chips, too. so far i've made choc chip cookies and minty brownies. must try marshmallows.

Laura said...

Wow, those sound really good! I think that I may have to go find some of those chips. I love mint!

Elizabeth said...

This is good, I need to make a bunch of holiday treats for my work party with my associates next week!

The Queen said...

You could also stick some of those lollipop sticks in them to make handling a little easier.

Barbara said...

yummy-put in a small box with a nice container of hot chocolate mix and make a yummy Christmas gift for teachers etc.

Carla said...

Why didn't we have these when we visited??? :)

Jenny said...

I haven't seen those mint chips, but the next time I'm at Target I'm going to look for them. Love the hot chocolate ideas.

CalBear1993 said...

I am in the middle of making a huge batch of these to sell at the San Rafael holiday performance tomorrow morning at the PTA bake sale!! Thanks for the great idea! There was literally one bag of these chips left at Target - I snatched it up right as another lady was reaching for them... ;-)