Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mexican Pinato

While playing 20 questions tonight at the dinner table, Ethan asked Sophie if the thing we were guessing was a "pinato".  Huh?  The following conversation ensued:

Daddy: What's a pinato?
Sophie: It's a Mexican beard from the 14-80-90's.
Daddy: Like on your face?
Sophie:  Yeah!
Daddy: Where did you see this pinato?
Sophie: In Mexican.
Daddy:  What does a pinato look like?
Sophie: It's pink and purple with princesses on it.
Daddy: So it's a big beard.
Sophie:  Yes
Daddy: Well, how do you eat with a pinato?
Sophie: With a spoon!
Daddy: How does a mister walk with a pinato?
Sophie: Like this:


joojierose said...

hehehe! i love it :) i miss her and her silliness!!!

stephanie said...

i love emma's laugh in the background.

Jenny said...

very interesting. :) i wonder what she had in mind?