Saturday, January 01, 2011

More of the same, in 2011

I had big plans to ring in the new year on this blog.  Unfortunately, after a vacation that was kind of a complete disaster thanks to all kinds of sickness, I'm barely getting the unpacking done.  Maybe next week.

Tonight I thought it might be special to have a festive meal to ring in the new year, so I made World's Best Lasagna

(image via
It takes a lot of work, but is totally worth it.  Not that my kids would agree.  The only part of the meal they didn't complain about was the homemade french bread.  In fact, while attempting to eat the mixed-greens salad I made, Ethan said, "Do they make vegetable tongue covers?"


Happy New Year!


Carla said...

The lasagna looks wonderful!
What do kids know, anyway??

Jenny said...

that lasagna sounds wonderful. i won't be making anything requiring a lot of effort for a while. john is starting a diet experiment today - just beans and rice. blah. the kids and i will be eating easy food that they won't complain about.

hope you are all feeling better soon. we're so glad we got to see you and sorry that you've been feeling yucky.

Barbara said...

so sorry about the Sundance tri[. Not fun being sick and snowed in and etc.
The lasanga looks extra delicious and I know it takes a lot of work but like you say it is totally worth it.
get feeling better soon and have a good year this New year.
Love and Hugs

Jaz said...

I love your new picture!