Wednesday, January 05, 2011

New in 2011

After I had Henry, I was ready for a change.  Do you get that way?  New baby, new...   I talked to my hairdresser about maybe getting bangs.  Luckily I didn't follow through with that.  Instead, I decided to switch things up here at the blog. What do you think?  Like the new name?  The new look?  I'll probably be playing with it a little still... it's hard to get everything done all at once.

(Henry's first Christmas, such as it was)

In our family, instead of making goals for the new year, we make predictions.  It's a little more stress-free.  Last year, most of the predictions had to do with the new baby that would be joining us (anyone who guessed a boy was right, but Emma's two pound birth weight was slightly off!)

I can't wait to see how this year's predictions pan out.  Among other things, Ethan predicts he will be able to eat a "Big Ugly" for his birthday, Emma predicts something will be invented, and Elliott predicts we will go on a road trip this year.  I'm not going to give you my predictions... I don't want to jinx them. 

Instead, I'll leave you with a stack of quilts that need to be bound.  Here's hoping it gets done soon!


Leslie said...

Oh yay! Love the new blog and title! And especially the henry photo. I have a road trip idea for you guys. I'll send it along soon!

Barbara said...

I love the new look!!!!!

sophie said...

I love the new clean look. Well done ... and much less permanent than BANGS ;-)

Jessi said...

Looks great!!

Lyle said...

Love it! And I hope all of those predictions come true.

stephanie said...

oh, i love it! it's wonderful.

p.s. i hope you all are feeling better these days.

MIMI n' LINCOLN RULE!! said...

like it! it looks classy!