Thursday, March 31, 2011


It's a good thing I revamped my blog, since I'm posting here so much now. Oh, wait... It's been 4 weeks exactly since my last post.  And frankly, there isn't any sewing or blog-worthy cooking going on around here.  Mostly just cleaning while we try to sell our house.

My mom was here to help pack things up this past week, which was fun, except there wasn't a lot to pack up since we need to have things out still while the house is on the market.  Elliott and I do have a large Goodwill pile set aside.  It is amazing how much one accumulates in 6 years!  I have realized I need to be a better steward of our money, and buy less stuff.

Speaking of stuff, Sophie and I recently stocked up on spinning dresses for her (thank you, Costco!)  They all spin up very high, and are almost the only things she will wear.

Henry has become (way) too big for his bath seat, but he is also at that awkward stage where he slips easily if seated in the tubby.  Plus, he is so heavy it hurts my back to bend over the side of the big tub and hold him, so we have started bathing him in the kitchen sink.  It's a perfectly sized solution.
He has also started a phase where he folds himself in half while sitting to eat his toes.  Of course when I try to get a picture, he stops, and just wants me to pick him up, cute boy!
Finally, today is beach day at our school.  This means that even though it snowed a bit yesterday, and is still quite cold out today, Emma got to wear flip flops, and Ethan wore shorts and a surf sweatshirt.  You will notice how bundled all the other kids are.  sigh...

Hopefully this weekend will be full of sunshine and showings for us.  What's on your agenda?

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

nothing better

than this guy sleeping away the afternoon on my lap.