Friday, April 08, 2011

Elliott, take note:

Lunchtime conversation:

Ethan: Andrew, where are you going to live when you grow up?
Andrew: I don't know, I don't like to plan ahead.
Ethan: I'm going to live in a beachfront mansion in L.A.
Me: What are you going to do for work?
Ethan: Nothing
Me: How are you going to afford that?
Ethan: I'm going to inherit it from Dad.

Maybe this one?


Pa said...

How about this one - Doug DeCinces has it on the market for only $14 million. :) Ethan, you are quite the card.

The Queen said...

I like the way he thinks. Dad, are you reading this? Remember who your favorite child is! After all, I *am* the only one who was thoughtful enough to give you the great gift of ME for Father's day!

elliott said...

Ethan's ready to buy Doug's house. He likes the master deck the best. He said, "You're going to have to work really hard." I said, "So you want me to work really hard and then die so you can inherit it?" "Yep."

Elizabeth said...

Hey Ethan and I have the same plan!

Thimbleanna said...

Hahaha -- you two might have your hands full with that one!

Barbara said...

Funny boy-Funny Boy or should I say Dreamer!!!!!!!

Lyle said...

Has Ethan been reading Calvin and Hobbes?

Jenny said...

I'm glad Bentley is taking a blogging break. He would love this plan, too.