Friday, April 29, 2011

Little Ballerina

Emma was in a ballet recital a couple of years ago that made a big impression on Sophie.  This semester was finally the right time for us to enroll her in her own recital class.  For the past several months, much of what Sophie has talked about was her big stage debut, and last night was finally the night!



Barbara said...

what a cutie. Ballet is perfect for her. Her stage debut!

Jenny said...

Ruby is green with envy.
Sophie is adorable.

stephanie said...


joojierose said...

ohmygoodness - IS there anything cuter?!?

Carla said...

Sophie looks delighted with the entire event. What a doll.

juliane2004 said...


I have a question regarding modesty and teams/sports/etc.

I'm LDS too, but was baptised when I was 18. When I was a kid my (non-LDS) mom put us in dance and we wore lots of outfits like your girl there. But I was thinking about if that was "allowed" while being LDS? Like, should my daughter NOT go into dance because a lot of their outfits are immodest? Thoughts?

I'd love to hear your opinion.