Tuesday, May 03, 2011


You can just go ahead and award me "geek of the year" right now, because I am overflowing with excitement.  Last week I signed up for an upholstery class that starts tomorrow night and I am so excited I can hardly stop thinking about it.
I have been wanting to take this upholstery class for over a year now, but with my pregnancy sickness, then being hugely pregnant, then having a baby too young to leave (who wouldn't and still doesn't take a bottle, silly boy!), and lately Elliott's crazy schedule, it just hasn't been in the cards.  However, the start of the class coincided with a little lull (we hope) for Elliott, so I quickly paid my fee and got myself signed up.
 This is the chair I will be recovering:
 It was passed on to me by my in-laws when they sold their condo here.  After I do the fabric tear-down, I plan to bring it home to paint the wood a different color.
This is the fabric I am hoping to use:
It is from the Joel Dewberry "Ginseng" collection, which is no longer being made.  I actually bought it last year, on sale for $3 a yard!!  It is home dec weight, but not necessarily upholstery weight (that is generally a little heavier), so hopefully my instructor will give it the a-okay. 
I hope this is the start of a fun new hobby.  Check back this weekend for a report on the first class.


stephanie said...

yay! i can't wait to see how it turns out. that sounds like SO much fun.

Carla said...

I like the fabric.... Want to hear all about the experience! Wish I were there to go with you and hear what he has to say about the insides of the chair.

Jenny said...

Sounds so fun! I'm glad you're planning to keep us posted.

Barbara said...

Great project and fun class. So glad you get to do it. Love the fabric. What color are you going to the wood on the chair?

MIMI n' LINCOLN RULE!! said...

sounds like a lot of fun! will have to let me know how it goes :)