Saturday, May 28, 2011

Upholstery class update

I'm sorry I haven't kept up with updates. I forgot my camera for the last class! A couple of weeks ago I brought the chair home and spray primed and painted the frame.
My chair had great foam on it, so I didn't take that off before painting.  The paint doesn't affect the foam though, so that is not a problem.  Also, I had ONE day of good weather for painting (you'll notice the after picture is in the garage, because it was raining again!).  Normally you would sand, prime, sand, paint, sand, and paint again.  But since rain was in the forecast for most of the week, I sanded before priming, and then painted two coats.  So hopefully my finish will stick.  Lucky, this isn't really a chair that gets used, so I think it will be okay.
Since I didn't have my camera in the last class, I am directing you to Lesley's blog post about the last class. You can see some great action shots!  :-)
Also, I am really loving Beth's antique settee she is recovering (it was her grandma's, and this is her 3rd upholstery session working on it, but she is finally getting the fabric on!), and Laura's yellow chair.  She has a great blue and white ikat fabric that I am coveting (even though it wouldn't go anywhere in our house.  Time for a redo??)


Thimbleanna said...

This looks like a lot of fun Ginger. I've always wanted to take an upholstery class. Can't wait to see your finished chair!

Barbara said...

chair looks great. like the color.

Jenny said...

Looks like your chair is really coming along. How fun!