Saturday, July 16, 2011

Chicago, we will miss you!

Our family has lots of fun memories in Chicago.  The city is an easy three hour drive, and we visited it once or twice a year while we lived in Indiana.
Yesterday, we drove up to see Cirque Du Soleil's Ovo.  It was a great show, all the kids loved it, even Henry.

He was mesmerized, and clapped right along with the audience.  It was super cute, and he was a big hit with all the audience members sitting around us.
When the Chicago skyline came into view, Sophie said it looked just like "Yew Nork", and then she wondered, "How do you say hello in Chicago?"

I love these kids!


Carla said...

That was a wonderful good-bye.
Love the photo of Henry... :)

Barbara said...

what a fun time. Such a cute picture of Henry. Leave it to Sophie to make me laugh!

Jenny said...

"easy" and "three hour drive" do not go together in our world. :)

looks like fun, though! hope everything is going well. we are excited to have your family closer!