Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Catch-up

This was a busy but fun weekend for us!
Friday found Andrew and Elliott camping in at Bear Canyon Lake, in the mountains of AZ about two hours away from here.

It was a beautiful site, and they had a lot of fun.

Meanwhile, my sister-in-law Stephanie was husband-less also, so we took the opportunity to can tomatoes.

Meanwhile, Henry learned some new tricks.  He has learned to do pull-ups on the fireplace in Elliott's office.

He also took his first half-step on Sunday morning.

Saturday night I was able to attend the broadcast of the General Relief Society meeting of our church.  It was just what I needed!  Elder Uchtdorf reminded me that there is strength in knowing that I am a daughter of God, and how great his love is for me, and for all women.  If you missed the meeting, you can find highlights here.  I'm guessing the transcript and full video will be available next week.

Lately, the mornings have been nice enough for us to open the windows and let cool air in. It isn't that crisp Fall air we got in Indiana, but it is amazing how cool 83 degrees feels when the highs have been topping 99!


Jenny said...

That does look like a beautiful place to camp. Love Henry's new move! He is adorable. Can't wait to see you all again!

Carla said...

What a vista! The boys look to be having fun at camp.
Henry is hilarious; what will he find to do here to keep us amused?
And you and Steph look like you had waaaay too much fun being domestic! ha
I love to bottle, especially with a friend.

joojierose said...

i listened to the broadcast working yesterday (time difference means we don't hear it on saturday night over here, obviously, but it is fully available online - hurrah!), and totally cried in uchtdorf's talk, sitting there in my professor's office! but it was so beautiful and i wish everyone could hear it, no? everyone needs that reminder.

and henry! henry! i miss him so much.