Monday, November 21, 2011


Sophie was Barbie as a Rock Star, Ethan was Ralphie from A Christmas Story as the Easter Bunny (you will definitely want to click on that link), Andrew was a zombie, and Emma was Aphrodite.  Ethan's costume was kind of a combination of two different patterns (one was pajama pants and the other was a blouse.  I just combined them into a jumpsuit.), and Emma's costume was me experimenting until we got it looking like the cover of a book she wanted.  I think they both turned out pretty cute.  Elliott is the genius behind Andrew's makeup.
Henry's costume was another story.  I wasn't really sure what he should be, but one day I was contemplating his cute belly, chubby fingers, and thick legs, and realized this would be the best time for him to be the Stay Puft Marshmallow man (you are going to want to watch that too, but it does have a swear word, sorry!)
I had a hard time finding tight white clothes for him, but at the last minute got what I needed.  The morning of Halloween, I decided to look online to see what the marshmallow man's hat looked like, so I could get it made, and realized that the costume has a collar too!  Luckily, Henry was napping, and I managed to find all the supplies I needed in my sewing stash.  The collar would have been better if it had been shorter, but Henry was sleeping while I was sewing, so I wasn't able to measure it.
Anyway, here are a few pictures for the grandparents.

Monday, November 14, 2011


This weekend we took a short trip to California to say goodbye to my sister Elizabeth before she leaves on her mission (she is going to the Maryland Baltimore area.)
On Sunday, as I was sitting in our worship service, listening to three of my brothers and my dad sing a hymn, it occurred to me that as hard as the move has been for our family, (and it has been difficult,) the fact that we were able to share this weekend with my family, and that I could have Elliott and my kids there with me too, has made the move worth it.  It is so nice to be close enough to family that we can spend the weekend with them!
A few pictures from Sunday:

 The original crew.

 What we have grown to be.

 A Classic!  Haha. The kids with Grandma and Grandpa.


Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Andrew turns 12!

When I posted the pictures about Sophie's birthday party, Elliott reminded me that I never posted any pictures to celebrate Andrew's birthday.  Oops, sorry Andrew!

At our church, age 12 is pretty exciting for kids.  That is because they get to leave the land of little kids (Primary), and move up to the Young Men or Young Women organizations.  Additionally, boys who are worthy can receive the priesthood. It is a big responsibility, but Andrew is up to the task.

We invited the grandparents for the weekend, and had a great time celebrating.  Andrew is a great kid and awesome big brother.  He is always up for a board or card game with his dear mother, and mostly never flinches when I kiss him! He has made several friends at his new school, and hopefully will soon be introducing them to the fun that is Killer Bunnies, his current favorite game.

With the grandparents after Andrew's ordination.

(This was Andrew with Elliott,  my dad, and my brother Hugh. 
We went to Ernie's Taco House in SoCal before Andrew's first General Priesthood Meeting. 
The back of the building doesn't look like much, but it is so good!)

Edited to add: We just found out that Andrew was awarded Student of the Month at his junior high.  Congratulations Andrew!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Sophie turns 5

Sophie is a social butterfly, so it was no surprise to me or Elliott that she chose the "Birthday Bash" option to celebrate turning five.

A few highlights from the event:

decorating foam pumpkins while waiting for all the guests to arrive

cousin Stella, dressed as a fairy princess rockstar.

treasure hunt melee

the treasure: Elliott finally had to break the thing open himself!

mummy cupcakes (inspiration via here)

the whole gang