Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Sophie turns 5

Sophie is a social butterfly, so it was no surprise to me or Elliott that she chose the "Birthday Bash" option to celebrate turning five.

A few highlights from the event:

decorating foam pumpkins while waiting for all the guests to arrive

cousin Stella, dressed as a fairy princess rockstar.

treasure hunt melee

the treasure: Elliott finally had to break the thing open himself!

mummy cupcakes (inspiration via here)

the whole gang


Barbara said...

What a fun party. I feel really bad because I am getting lax on remembering all of the birthdays. I know she had a fun time and must feel pretty grown up at being 5. So glad you live close to Steph so the cousins can have fun together.

Pa said...

Looks like fun! You were brave to have so many guests. Glad Sophie has already made so many Arizona friends. Mom

Lyle said...

That's a lot of birthday party guests for a girl who just moved to AZ. Fun!

joojierose said...

looks so awesome! and i totally love those mummy cupcakes :) love you guys!

Jenny said...

looks likes she had a great birthday! sure hope this weather shapes up so that we can see you all this week!

Carla said...

What a fun party! And a big group of partyiers. I'm glad they all had fun, and that Elliott was there to save the day w/the pinata.