Thursday, January 12, 2012


Pinterest Cake

If you are on Pinterest (and if you aren't, why not?), you have probably seen this beautiful Lemon-Blueberry Yogurt Loaf.

It jumped off the page and spoke to me, so I made it today.

Mine isn't quite as beautiful, and it doesn't have quite the lemon kick throughout that I was hoping for, but it was still really good.
The cake has a tender and delicate crumb.  Even though I accidentally overcooked it, the cake still stayed very moist, probably due to the yogurt in the batter.  The blueberries are not a huge flavor in the mix.  I may try it next time with raspberries we bought and froze in the summer.

The main disappointment to me in this cake was the lemon flavor.  The directions have you bake the cake without any lemon juice, just lemon zest, then you make a simple lemon syrup that you brush on the top and sides of the cake.  It is supposed to soak into the cake, but it stayed near the outer edges. Usually the zest adds lots of flavor, but I didn't really taste it except on the edges.  Next time I will try adding some lemon juice to the actual cake and see if it helps.

Overall, it was a good cake, and since we have a tree full of lemons, I will be trying it with modifications again soon!

(Original recipe is here.)

What is your favorite lemon recipe?

Monday, January 02, 2012

Here's to a better 2012!

Tonight we carried on a family tradition of making predictions for the coming year. This was a tradition in my family growing up, and has been fun for Elliott, the kids, and me, as well.

The first thing we do is read the predictions from the previous year. Last year, we had just returned from a trip to Sundance where everyone was extremely sick (strep throat, ear infections, broken ankles, bum knees...) when we made our predictions. Sadly, several of us picked up a bug while we were in UT again this year. Here is Sophie holding a bowl that has seen lots of use today while Elliott read out her prediction from 2011:

"I won't be sick."