Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Treats

A few weeks ago I promised myself I would not buy peaches from the grocery store any more.  I could not believe the lack of flavor and ripening on a large bag I had recently wasted quite a bit of money on, and was reminded that in summers past I had had the same experience.  The peaches were very hard when we got them, and I assumed they would ripen in a few days.  However, they never actually got soft or sweet, rather just got old and wrinkly.

But the other day Trader Joe's had boxes of peaches that were already soft and ripe and smelled so delicious, I had to take the gamble.  And we were very well rewarded!  We have been eating sweet juicy peaches for a couple of days now, having them with our Cheerios in the morning, and with our lunches, and sometimes in between.
(Henry's a fan!)

The other day at Costco they had huge blocks of smoked Gouda.  One of my favorite cheeses!  We have been munching on cheese and apples all afternoon, and I'm afraid the cheese, which was supposed to be saved for BBQ Chicken Pizza is almost all gone. 

(But really, who can blame us? This is such a good combination!)

We are always looking for new treats... What are you enjoying this summer?


Unknown said...

Wow it all looks really delicious, especially Henry. Utah peaches are not on yet. can't wait!

Jenny said...

Henry is adorable. We just finished off some yummy cherries that I bought from some neighbors. They were really yummy.

Lyle said...

Gouda on pizza? Never tried, but sounds tasty.

Barbara said...

Ginger your experience with peaches is the same as mine. Glad to know that Trader Joes had some good ones so maybe I'll try those. So far haven't had any this season because haven't found any soft ones. Gouda cheese is the best. Cute Henry!

Brent said...
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Brent said...

Well, it would have been apricots, but the squirrels got those first. Then, in would have been plums, but the squirrels got most of those. Then, pluots and apriums, but the squirrels got those before they ripened. Now they're getting the peaches. We're thinking of squirrel stew with those fat squirrels

Brandi said...

Oh my goodness, I just recently discovered smoked Gouda and it is so delicious. I'll have to try it with apples. We ate it on an avocado, bacon and tomato sandwich...toasted! Yum!