Friday, August 10, 2012

Photo-a-Day: "messy"

This house that we bought in Massachusetts is one of the nicer ones we looked at, but it still has a glaring flaw that several homes we looked at have: the laundry is located in a closet in the main floor half bathroom. You know, the one guests use when they come to visit. I guess I should be happy I have that extra half bathroom, but if I could, I think I would move the laundry down to the basement. Not a perfect solution, but better than seeing this every time I walk past:


Leslie said...

that would be really hard for me, too. would certainly keep me on my toes!

Barbara said...

Know you wish there was someway to hide it. It is a design flaw.

Bethany said...

Don't you sometimes wonder if home designers live in homes?