Wednesday, September 05, 2012

A New Adventure (Or School Begins)

We finally arrived at the first day of school.  The boys left this morning before it was even light out.

They have about an eighth of a mile walk to the bus stop, and unfortunately it was raining buckets when they left.  The worse thing is that the movers lost all of our really nice, large umbrellas, although the boys assure me they wouldn't be caught dead with an umbrella.

Emma left at a more reasonable hour, and the rain had stopped by then.

Emma shares a bus stop at the end of our driveway with a neighbor girl who is just one grade above her.

About 40 minutes later it was finally Sophie's turn.  She didn't seem to be shy or nervous at all about hopping on the bus.  Maybe it helps that our neighbor on the west side is also starting kindergarten.

Now it's just Henry and I. On nice days we will take a walk around the neighborhood, but it was starting to rain again so we came in to have a snack and do some work.

I can't wait to hear how everyone's day went. Hopefully a warm cookie and tall glass of milk will get them sitting in the kitchen long enough for a rundown.


Leslie said...

Good luck Parker kids!!!

Jenny said...

Thinking about them today and hoping their first days are great!

Roxanne said...

I hope they have a great year. Andrew looks like he's getting tall, and Ethan looks so very thrilled!

Barbara said...

Another year-another adventure. You do have busy mornings getting everyone off to school. Good chance for you to spend time with that adorable Henry. Thinkk of you often.

stephanie said...

your street is so pretty and lush. hope they all had a good day.

love andrew's shirt and ethan's "smile". :)