Monday, September 03, 2012

Adieu to Summer

To celebrate the kids' last few days of summer, we went to a local butterfly garden this morning.  Unlike many of the history field trips we have taken this summer, I knew this was one they would all love.

When we first walked in, Henry was pretty nervous, as the butterflies were plentiful and zooming all over, but eventually he warmed up to them.

There were so many beautiful specimens.

(I thought this one on the bottom was especially beautiful.)

Eventually the butterflies started alighting on the kids, which was lots of fun.

Apparently Ethan was an especial favorite with the butterflies!

Poor Emma was really hoping for a butterfly to land on her.  She wore pink and red just for the occasion, and even borrowed Ethan's cap in the hope of tempting a butterfly, but they didn't take the bait.

All in all, it was a fun morning.


Barbara said...

The butterflies are beautiful. Don't think we have anything like that around here.
Fun time and good way to end summer.

Barbara said...
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