Saturday, October 13, 2012

September at a Glance

September was a crazy month for our family.  I won't detail all the issues we have dealt with, but sufficient to say, I am glad most of them are in the past and we can move on with life!

I do want to share a few highlights though:

Some of you may know that Elliott is very into family history.  Through his work on, he got in touch with a second cousin on his mom's side, who happens to three boys who are the same ages as our kids.  To say the kids hit it off at our initial meeting would be an understatement.  They love hanging out with each other, and always make us plan the next meet up.

This cousin, Laura, and her husband, Chris, are very handy, and last time they were here they begged us to let them help us build the built in bookshelves we were considering for our family room.  Uhm, yes, please! So a couple of weeks ago, when they were in town, the guys got to work.

A few progress pics---

 (family room wall before, looking into the living room)

 (not sure what's so funny...)

(I wasn't there for the first additions, 
as I was at my first Lowe's trip of the day, 
but I'm told they were nervous to put the first screw into the floor.)

 (assembling the shelving units on the deck before bringing them inside)

(installing the final shelf around midnight.)

Elliott and I still have to install the trim work, and sand, paint, and prime.  But I am so excited to have these shelves!

Another highlight this month was when Grandma and Grandpa came to visit!  Tragically, I am not a photographer, so they only pics we have from the trip that actually have my parents in them are on my iphone, which dropped, had the screen shattered, and is with Elliott at work today so he can get me a new(er) one (yay!).  But while my parents were here, we took a day trip to Vermont and visit the King Arthur Flour Company (and may have bought a few things there!), and then visited the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial. 

 (the oblesk is 38.5ft. tall, one foot for every year JS was alive)

 (the boys thought they would be funny for the picture)

 (the girls got the last laugh)


Jenny said...

your home looks beautiful. good luck finishing the built-ins. what a cool project. your kids are all getting so big. we miss you all!

stephanie said...

Love the builtins! can't wait to see them finished. i tried calling you, but just got elliott's voice mail? call me!