Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ward Christmas Party

Meeting with Santa at our ward Christmas party this evening.

 Andrew: asked for a Red Rider carbon action 200 shot range rifle with a compass 
and a stock and that thing which tells time.   
(I hope you have seen A Christmas Story...  
otherwise you will have no idea what he is asking for!)

 Ethan: asked for a bow and arrow, money, and an iPod touch 
(interestingly, those are also the only things he put on his list for us.)

 Emma: asked for a bow and arrow

 Sophie: asked for a My Little Pony set

Henry:  Probably asked for a Thomas the Tank Engine, 
but he seems to be pondering something here that has Santa a little surprised.


Roxanne said...

That picture of Henry is adorable. My kids all got tongue-tied and asked for chocolate! (well, that's easy.) Tell Andrew he'll shoot his eye out...

The Queen said...

That Santa looks like he's been enjoying some eggnog!

Jenny said...

what great Santa photos! Our kids wrote letters this year, and weren't supposed to ask the mall Santa for anything, but he asked and asked and asked, and some of them changed their orders. ack.