Friday, May 03, 2013

Life is Good

Thank you all so much for your kind comments, both on the blog, and on Facebook, about my cancer.  My surgery went well, and I am now the proud owner of a 2.5 inch scar on my neck:

It was fun to read the surgeon's report of the surgery (they counted the sponges to make sure all were accounted for before sewing me up, and apparently also transplanted one of my parathyroid glands!), and the pathologist's report (what ended up being an additional cancerous nodule from the left side of my thyroid was termed a "red-brown gelatinous mass", and "the remaining thyroid parenchyma is tan-brown, beefy red & hemogeneous." Love those descriptions!)

Tomorrow I see my endocrinologist to make sure my hormone levels are all in the right ranges, but for now I feel good, my energy levels are rising, and things at home are mostly back to normal.  Thank you all again for all your prayers on my behalf.

In other news, if you follow me on Instagram (wifeoferp), you have seen the quilt I have been working on for Sophie's kindergarten class.  Each year, the teachers ask a parent from each class to make a quilt from squares of fabric that the children have drawn a picture on.  I volunteered to make the quilt for Sophie's class, and this morning I finished the last few inches of binding.

(Sophie's block)

The quilt will be unveiled to the class when they study the letter Q, which is the last letter of the year, so sometime in late May.  I'm really happy with the finished product, especially the border.  When you design a quilt from scratch, there is always the possibility it won't turn out how you were hoping!

Now I have several more quilts that have been waiting for a few years for their binding, so I have made it a priority to get those done before I get start a new project.

What's keeping you busy these days?


The Queen said...

Haha, those *are* funny descriptions! The quilt turned out great! I love the bright colors.

joojierose said...

yay ging! glad to see life somewhat getting back to normal. the quilt is gorg - i love the pic with sophie's little face poking out on top :) sending lots of love to you guys!

Barbara said...

Ginger I am so glad the surgery went well. Love the description of the surgery report!
The quilt is beautiful and what a great idea. What do they do with it when school is out for the summer? Does the teacher get to keep it?? Sophie's block is so cute. Big family to get them all in.
Thanks for sharing.

Bethany said...

So glad you're doing well! And the quilt is gorgeous!

stephanie said...

you seriously rocked that quilt. it's amazing. good work. i'm glad you are feeling better, and hope your endocrinologist gives you good news. love you!

Jenny said...

so glad you're doing well. and the quilt is awesome!

Thimbleanna said...

Whew! So glad all is well -- that's a beautiful little scar there -- nice and clean. I laughed at your report from the Dr. -- how do you transplant a gland -- is that like transplanting a plant in your garden LOL?

The quilt is AWESOME!!! Those fabrics are SO stinking cute and they're perfect with the adorable blocks. I love Sophie's block!

Roxanne said...

So glad you're doing well! The quilt is awesome. Perfectly adorable!