Wednesday, October 05, 2016

India, Day 5: Buying books

Being a family of readers, we were excited when Amy, the woman we worked with from the Utah office of Rising Star Outreach (RSO), suggested we hold a virtual fundraiser to raise money for individual books for the kids at the RSO school. Most of the children at the school have very little that they can call their own, so having their own book is apparently a pretty big deal.
We ended up running two fundraisers that I mentioned back here, and today we got to go pick out some of the books for the kids.
The drive into Chennai from our apartment took about two hours because of all the traffic. I didn't mind, because I am always fascinated by what I see. I have mentioned before how colorful India is. Todays drive was no different.

 This woman selling melons on the roadside had such a beautiful sari.

Loved this colorful key shop sign.

We ended up at this really cool bookstore, Higginbothams. Isn't that just the perfect British colonial sounding name? It boasts being the oldest bookstore in India, and was started by a British librarian back in the mid-1800's. An amazing building too.

I wish I could have gotten a better picture,
but traffic was too crazy to cross the street.

The store carries books in both English and Tamil, the language of this region of India. The kids and I had fun checking out the Tamil books, but since we couldn't understand anything about them we left the choosing of those books up to our friends from RSO, and we chose the books in English.

By the time we were done at Higginbothams, the kids were starving, but we had one more book store we wanted to hit. Luckily it is in a mall that also has a McDonalds. I have never seen my kids get so excited as when they saw the McDonalds. haha  The thing about McD's in India though is that there is no beef, since cows are considered holy and no one eats them. So we had lots of chicken options. The kids all opted for a regular crispy chicken sandwich, which was too spicey for them, and I opted for a spicy chicken sandwich, which was perfect except for the lettuce that I had asked to not be on it was! I scraped as much off as I could and am hoping for the best. :-)

After lunch we got the rest of the books, these ones all in English and a mix of current and classic favorites. I hope the kids at RSO love what we got!

Ambiga and Kavitha, our friends from RSO,
waiting with the kids for our driver with the boxes of books from the second store.

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tonij said...

I love all these posts, Ginger!!! And totally agreed, India is unlike any country anywhere else - I've been to 60+ countries, but India astounded me. It's like it's own planet. Such an amazing opportunity for you guys, and I'm so so happy for you and to see you all settling in.

(This is jooj, commenting under toni's account :)