Monday, February 20, 2017

Scrappy Bear Paw Block Tutorial

This is a tutorial for a 14" finished scrappy bear paw block. These are the directions you should use if you are participating in my Bonnie and Camille Scrappy Bear Paw block swap on Instagram. Follow me there: @wifeoferp

Above is an example block that we will be making in this tutorial. For the Instagram swap, blocks need to be made in Bonnie and Camille for Moda fabrics. Blocks can either be scrappy navy/royal (as shown above), or scrappy red. The red can have some pink in it, but only use pink fabrics that have red in them as well. Background will be Moda 97 White.

To begin, each block needs the following:

 Four color squares measuring 4.5 inches, eight color squares measuring 3 inches, and one color square (not pictured) measuring 2.5 inches. Set the 2.5" square aside for now.

Eight white squares measuring 3 inches, four 2.5 inch squares, and four rectangles measuring 2.5" x 6.5 ". Set aside the 2.5" squares and the rectangles.

Take the 3" white squares and mark a line diagonally from corner to corner, as shown below.

Repeat for all eight squares, and then pair each of them up with a colored square.

Stitch 1/4" away from the line on each side of the marked line for all blocks, then cut each block down the center line to make two half square triangles (HST).

Press each of the units open, with the seam pressed to the colored fabric.

Trim each unit to measure 2.5" square. You should now have 16 HST units measuring 2.5" square.

 We are now going to lay the HST units out with the larger colored squares. This is really important, at least for your first block, because the HSTs will need to be sewn together two different ways to match up correctly.

When you are happy with the layout, sew the small HSTs together in sets of two. Press towards the darker HST. Lay the pieces out again, and now you will sew one set of HSTs to the 2.5" plain white squares, and the other set to the large 4.5" colored squares, as seen below.

Press the unit with the large 4.5" colored square towards the colored square, and press the smaller unit with the white square towards the white.

Now you will sew these two units together, again, make sure you have layed out the block and the HSTs are laying the correct direction. I like to pin these and sew with the smaller unit on top so I make sure I am not cutting off any points for the HSTs. (In the picture below, the center unit with the pink pin is where you need to be sure your seam allowance is not cutting the point off. A proper quarter inch seam will help this block be the correct size.)

Once sewn, press the seam towards to side with the 4.5" square.

Lay out the complete block now with the 6.5"x2.5" rectangles, and the smaller 2.5" colored square. Sew the 2.5" colored square between two rectangles as shown. Sew the other two rectangles in between two pieced units, as show. Again, make sure you are pinning so that everything aligns. Remember, for a swap you want to put forth your best work, and blocks that are the correct measurement! If they do not measure within an 1/8" of the correct size, they will be sent back unswapped, so pin, pin, pin!

You should now have three units as seen above. Press the top and bottom units towards the center, towards the white rectangle in between them, and for the middle unit, also press towards the white rectangles, but this time you are pressing away from the center.

Again using pins to line everything up nice and neat, nest your center seams together, and sew the outside units to the center strip.

You should now have one beautiful scrappy bear paw block that measures 14.5" square.

We will be swapping in groups of 5 blocks, so to make six blocks (keep one and send the other five in for swapping) you will need: (48) 3" colored square, (48) 3" white squares, (24) 2.5" white squares, (24)  2.5"x6.5" white rectangles, (24) 4.5" colored squares, and (6) 2.5" colored center squares.

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